Passion for Pinot with John Graziano

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Blending Cayuga for Whitecliff’s LaGrange

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Blending for the now released Whitecliff Vineyards & Winery’s LaGrange

Happy Bitch Wines at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival

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Wreath Fineries at the Wineries

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Beginning November 19th the Shawangunk Wine Hosts Wreath Fineries. Travel to the 11 wineries on the trail, and collect an ornament at each winery. Enjoy the wine, a little food along the way and pick up your holiday wines and gifts.

The Story Behind Happy Bitch Wines

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Happy Bitch Wines Rose is the newest wine produced in the Hudson Valley. It all began with a tweet. Yes a tweet from the Happy Bitch that the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess responded to. They met and became business partners in Happy Bitch Wines.
Here is their story.

Processing DeChaunac at Whitecliff Vineyards

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Welcome to Hudson Valley Wine TV

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Welcome to Hudson Valley Wine TV hosted by the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess.   View videos of the Hudson Valley Wine Region, wine events and the wine regions of the world my travels take me.





Hudson Valley Wine TV

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Coming soon – the new home of Hudson Valley Wine TV